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Struggling to get a high power level? Never had a chance to equip a really powerful exotic weapon? Need some crucible rank assistance? We will help!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my money and account safe?

Yes, your money and account are safe with us, because it is in our best interest to keep them safe. We’re an official UK-based company, we have a good reputation, and we have to keep it that way – stealing anything from our customers would make that impossible. We choose honesty over stupidity.

That said, you can be sure we made every precaution to secure your great experience with us. Our website is protected with the modern security protocols to keep your payments and personal data safe. We hire pro players with an impeccable reputation to keep your game account safe and your in-game belongings intact.

However, we’d like to note that most game publishers have the right to penalize accounts that have been boosted – and that includes even suspensions. It doesn’t happen too often, but there’s always a small chance that it can happen. This risk, unfortunately, cannot be reduced to zero, but we stick to the best up-to-date practices of our industry to keep our boosting on your account as low profile as possible. And if something undesirable happens, we won’t leave you alone and will do everything we can to mitigate the damage

Is it necessary to share my account?

No, not at all.

Most our services can be provided without account sharing and most of the time playing your character yourself will be free of extra charge

How do I buy?

In just 3 steps:

  1. Add the desired service to cart
  2. Proceed to checkout and make a purchase
  3. Contact us to settle the details and start the boost

See our contact methods here

What payment methods can I use?

We have numerous payment options:

  • If you prefer paying by card, you can do exactly that
  • If you prefer using online payment systems like PayPal or Skrill, you can use them
  • If you prefer paying with Bitcoins, no problem, you can do that too
What do I do after I have made a purchase?

Go right ahead and contact us to discuss the details and start the boost.

See our contact methods here

What if I need a refund?

You’ll have it.
Even though it’s unlikely that you’ll be disappointed with the quality of our service, everyone sometimes makes mistakes and if it’s us who did something wrong this time, we’ll do our best to make up for that. Even if it takes a full or partial refund.

Also, you can request a refund even if there’s nothing wrong but you just need the money back for whatever reason. However, if the boost has already started, we won’t be able to send you the full amount because our players still need their pay for the work they’ve already done

Our Customers Reviews


Amazing service. Very fast and responsive. Got all I needed and a lot more in one run, would highly recommend to anyone.

Amazing service

DarylGio Agoncillo

Bought more service from them, super fast and precise, especially for the price.


Sherry Tomino

Purchased a 110-120 "Xtra fast leveling" was done in less, than 24 hours. Talkative and informatiive support @ discord, i wasnt kept in the dark regarding the progress. Highly recommended! :)


Andreas Nolte

best support and team 100% top!

best support and team 100% top!


You can absolutely trust them to do the Job, and my order was a custom one for an achievement in PvP. They're great and dependable for sure.

They will get it done

James Ney

100% outstanding. I've bought 100-110 level ups for quite a few toons and multiple heroic runs. Each time Armada has done a great job coordinating quality drivers/groups for carries. Highly recommend.

100% outstanding

Ray Holmes

Armada boost is one the best services out there. They are always professional and completed things within timely manner. I would highly recommend them.

One of the best services out there

Kayhan Kaya

They always do their Job.. if you need help just ask them... i very glad that i find their site!

Greetings from Germany

They always do their Job.

Peter Dannerfjord

I have used ArmadaBoost a number of times for various services - and have always been treated like a valuable customer. Communication is good and service is professional. ArmadaBoost is highly recommended!

Highly recommended

Spiros Antonatos

excellent service! fast and efficient. very communicative on Discord.

excellent service

Jab Burgess

Great communication. The work was done within the set time frame and they were very open through the whole process. Will definitely use again in the future.

Great all around service.

Attila Huszár

Everything was as promised. Recommend.

Everything was as promised

Conan Wong

Did a very fast raid run and got good drops. Also very friendly help and trustworthy. Recommended!

ArmadaBoost +

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Destiny 2 Season of the Risen boosts are useful in-game services for D2 players of any kind. We can help you make your guardian stronger regardless of which activities you prefer. This category contains all the latest arrivals to our Destiny section that are important for the current season. The most popular ones are located at the top of the page, so you're likely to find what you've been looking for right there at the beginning.



Destiny 2 has the so called seasons that are a chunk of content spread across several months. Each such chunk has a unique name and this time it's Season of the Risen. It is the first season of the Witch Queen expansion and the 16th season overall. This is the starting point for new systems of the expansion, as well as new lore, new armory, and so on. Most likely the concepts first introduced in it will be developed in the soonest upcoming updates.



Each season introduces lots of new stuff for the game's numerous modes. Some are more noticeable, others are more of run-of-the-mill ones. Let's take a closer look at what types of services you can find in this category:

  1. Vow of the Disciple raid carries;
  2. Trials of Osiris flawless PvP carries;
  3. Character boosts like Campaign completion and Power Levleing;
  4. Season 16 weapons and armor: exotics and legendaries

As well lots of other services including Season Pass boosting and multiple ginding boosts. If you haven't found services that you've expected to see in this section, first try other dedicated services: perhaps, the boost you're looking for can be found in the PvE & Raids or Weapons section. Or you can simply contact us directly and inquire about anything you want.



Since this season is the first part of the latest huge update's roadmap, you should consider purchasing the Witch Queen expansion before ordering Season of the Risen boosts. The thing is, we just won't be able to do anything rleated to the newest content, if you haven't bought the expansion that unlocks it for players. As soon as you're through with that, you're good to go and we'll be able to help you with basically anything without any further requirements.

However, certain services might be more demanding than others. For example, Vow of the Disciple master carries take place in a very challenging raid environment, so you will need to have at least some decent armor, weapon, and light level for us to be able to do this boost for you. But don't worry – if you're not sure that your guardian is good enough, just message us and ask all the questions you have. We'll be happy to help and offer you fast solutions in case you need some help with gearing up.



Armada Boost has seen lots of Destiny 2's seasons and has helped hundreds of players to overcome the challenges that those seasons brought to them. This season will not be an exception, so you can be sure that you're entursting your guardian to an experienced team of professionals. Our players are skillful, our prices are very competitive, and our customer support is very friendly and helpful. That's the boosting store made right, for sure! But you shouldn't really take our word for it – especially when we depict ourselves in such bright colors – you'd better take a look at our customers' opinions that we've gathered on our Truspilot page for everyone to see.


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